Saori Mouri(Harpist)

Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Published 3 CD albums for lap harp.(2004~2006/ Composed and arranged all the music by myself, and played the piano too!)
In addition to that, Miyazaki Ghibli’s CD album by harp, titled “Ghiblilax” (2008) and Cartoon music CD album by harp “Harp Animato”(2009) published from Seikodo Entertainment. Invited as an artist to the competition, Camac Prize TAIWAN in 2016, and performed at the closing concert. Currently arrange, record and publish harp and Ocarina music(2018,2019,2020). I also provide arrangements for Hong Kong Harp Quartet and to solo harpists in Hong Kong. I am currently arranging music for Odyssey Collection of Camac Harp in France.



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オーナー近影We update our new lap harp scores twice a month. There are more than 1000 titles of scores for lever harp solo at present. We provide various kinds of titiles like for lap harp, for 34 strings lever harp, ensemble scores for lap harp, lap harp scores for beginners, cartoon music scores for lap harp or scores for Baby harp etc.・・We run our online shop for harp lovers. If you are interested in our music world and wanting to have a fun and exciting experience why not click the link below and have a magical experience!

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